A Whole Lot of e36 and an e92

Friday. March 6. 2009

A few of us decided to get together on Saturday and do a shoot just up north in Newport Beach.  I woke up and attended the local weekly Cars and Coffee car show and then met up with a few other guys.  There was also a UCI car meet that we attended…. and promptly left.  There was much in the means of the european scene, but rather JDM which I am definitely not a fan of.

After we left, we grabbed some food, met up with a few other guys and headed out to our location.  We jumped on the 405 north towards Newport Beach to a location Joe recommended.  He said the location would be vacant but it turned out there were quite a few events being held on that day.  We manage to do the best we could to avoid the people and crowds but it was very tough.

After shooting all the car in this location we moved onto Irvine for rolling shots to Lawrence brought us to a local street which supposedly had “minimal traffic”. The road had great scenery but was very curvy which made it hard to get rolling shots when your not sure what’s coming around the corner going 50 mph.  We manage with a two-lane road by riding side by side taking up the entire road.  We had to do spurts of shooting at at time because we had to keep ducking behind each other to avoid the incoming cars.

At one point I had half my body out door while taking up both lanes in the street.  We merged over to avoid an incoming car, which we later found out was Irvine PD.  That would not have been a fun ticket for not only me with no seatbelt, but the driver driving on the wrong side of the road – luckily he didn’t pull us over.

After the rolling shots and the close encounter with our friends in the black and white, we decided to call it a day and head home.  Shots turned out pretty well, despite shooting in direct harsh sunlight in the middle of the day.  The e92 M3 was a lot of fun to shoot; you will definitely see more photos of it in the future.

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