S54 M Coupe – Downtown LA


Bimmerfest 2010 Coverage


This post is a little late as the event was over 2 weeks ago. The pictures have been up on my automotive coverage site from the day of the event. Quite a large turnout, some interesting cars, and hanging out with some good people. Check out the full gallery at Socal Auto Pics.



For the past few years I’ve been riding steel bikes, and decided it was time to upgrade. I went around to tons of LBS looking for mainly an all carbon frame, but also aluminum as another possibility. Many of the bikes I tried didn’t have the solid feel that I was looking for. I came upon a deal from Competitive Cyclists for the BCM SLT01 with SRAM Force gruppo that I couldn’t pass up. Took a few weeks to arrive, but looking forward to the first ride.



Posting from my new iPad. Picked it up on launch on a few days back. Awesome device, new iPad apps are amazing, and looking forward to bringing it along during photoshoots.

Cars and Coffee – March 13th, 2010


It’s been a few months since I’ve been out to Cars and Coffee. I made a visit out this weekend, only to find it to be the busiest show in the last few years. The crowds made it tough to admire the cars, and even look at a some. I prefer the show to have a smaller crowd and more quality as it usually does. Here are a few shots, you can view the rest at http://socalautopics.com

img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-433″ title=”IMG_3904″ src=”http://blog.austingrade.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/IMG_3904.jpg” alt=”” width=”700″ height=”467″ />

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