Last month, Southern California was hit with a decently sized swell making Wedge a hotspot for the weekend. When the waves pickup the locals flock out. It’s not uncommon to see thousands of people strung across Newport’s coast. I went up on Sunday as the swell was slowly fading, but still quite a few people paddling out. Despite the 4 hours it took to get off the peninsula it was a good time.

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iPhone 3GS


Today, I upgraded from my 3G handset to the 3GS. Because I was only half way into the 2-year contract I ended up paying $399 for the 16GB White version. Was the upgrade worth it? Probably not. Am I enjoying it? Absolutely.

Updated Setup


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I added the newly acquired mStand to my home studio setup, so I figured I’d post some updated pictures. A Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter is also on it’s way (finally!), so I can get rid of the DVI interface.

Unibody Macbook Pro – 2.53 GHz, 4GB RAM
24″ Dell 2408 Ultrasharp Display
iPhone 3G
Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
Lacie HDD

Ikea Galant Desk

Bimmerfest 2009



The first weekend of May, every year, is a dream come true for Bavarian motor-heads all over the world. Car enthusiasts come to Santa Barabara from all walks of life, bringing their prized possesions to one of the largest BMW automotive events yearly. From e21s to brand new e92 M3s, and engine swaps to turboed track-specced race cars, you could find anything and everything in the midst of 3,000 cars on the beautiful concours-like grass fields of the SB Polo Club. Major vendors like HorsepowerFreaks, VMR, VF Engineering, DDM, and many others were out in full force bringing their new products to the table. Overall, it was a great day of sun burns, but well worth it. Check out the highlights below and the main gallery.

5 AM meet up at IKEA for the caravan

Caravan to Santa Barbara

Some pictures of the event

Socal Auto Pics – Full Gallery

Heading picture courtesy of Lawrence Yuen

Long Beach Grand Prix



A few weeks back, I attended the Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach, California. This year was the 35th annual event, as well as the 3rd consecutive year with the American Le  Mans series making an appearance. With the sound of high-revving engine cars, beautifully stripped track cars, and the amount of Gs and braking power for each corner, what a better place than to take pictures.

Due to the crowds on the weekend, I attended the Friday qualifying event, which included more than enough exhaust fumes for one day. It was a nice change from the usual static pictures I take at various local car shows. If you’d like to check out the rest of the photos, be sure to head over to or follow this direct link.

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